From the Magazine - getting to know Leti


How long have you worked at Astra Bridal?
I started in 2013 shortly after my arrival from Italy. I have progressed from consultant to store manager.

What is your area of expertise?
I am Italian and I used to work as a model stylist for promotional work in Italy. My area of expertise is matching the perfect gown and accessories with the appropriate bride and also to find the perfect look for a specific theme or venue. I can really visualise the whole look for the bride and help her to understand how it will all tie in together.

What is your passion?
I’m a perfectionist so my passion is to bring everything together to create the perfect overall look from the gown, to the jewellery, to the shoes. Everything has to be Italian perfect!!

What advice would you give to brides that are starting the bridal process?
Don’t focus too much on what you don’t like instead of what you do. Sometimes, what you think won’t suit you or what you don’t like turns out to be just what makes you look amazing and suits your body shape perfectly. Come and see me and let me help you create a vision for your wedding day.

(photo courtesy of Amanda Wignell photography)

Article from Borrowed and Blue Issue 5