Astra Bridal beautiful bridal parties

Our stunning Astra Bridal featured brides (and grooms) rely on the support of their amazing bridal parties and we love seeing the themes, styles and colours that make up the overall wedding look. 

What we constantly remind our brides, and what our featured brides have done so well, is make your wedding about you and your personality, style and feel. The people that will remember the day the most are going to be you and your partner so go for what you want whether that be pink, gold, white, purple, long or short. It is all about you! 

Astra Brides

Kylie - Melt Photography
Heather - Poppy Moss Photography
Sarah - Amanda Wignell Photography
Nic - Simon Darby Photography
Anna - Kirsty and Grant Photography
Christina - 
Giane -
Christina - Best Man Weddings
Jo - Moments Phtography
Holly - Bihn Trin
Megan - Laura Ridley Photography
Nikki - Unique Visions
Gabby - McCosh Photography
Wendy - Oli Sansam