10 super sweet candy stations

Mmmm sweets and lollies! A candy station can serve multiple purposes for your wedding – room décor, goodie bags, dessert, or simply a splash of colour and a touch of fun! Many of our brides are adding a candy station to their wedding plans and as a guest (with a sweet tooth) I can only express my happiness at this wedding trend.

My sister decided upon a candy station for her wedding and placed giant cocktail glasses on each table with a different kiwi favourite in it – pineapple lumps, jet planes, milk bottles, pebbles, jaffas… the list goes on. All the guests mixed and mingled going from table to table ‘stealing’ from other tables lollies. It was a fantastic way to get to meet other people and break the ice as well as looking visually striking.

Whether you choose to DIY it or bring in the pros a candy station is a cute and fun addition to your wedding theme.