Fabulous flowers

Oh so personal with meaning to some, and something to wow for others, or simply a beautiful romantic touch to add to the overall feel. Flowers and weddings simply go hand in hand.

Finding the perfect bouquet for those like me who are not green fingered is a bit of a challenge. When I got married I picked some flowers and asked the meaning of them – thinking to myself, it must be love or romance or something sweet given how beautiful they were I was not prepared for the answer…. Death! So, they were off the list for me. In the end, I worked with the florist and took their advice on what would look best with my colour scheme, style, and dress. Finding a great florist and trusting their advice is the best tip I can give you.

I have chosen a selection of gorgeous bouquets from our featured brides that show off the diversity of styles you can chose from, as well as how they bouquet transforms when paired with your wedding dress or even a Stormtrooper!

Leti - Giulia Saldarini

Courtney – BestMan Photography

Jenna and Rachael

Jacqui – Tinted Photography

Danelle - Tammie Pittwood

Claire – Kate Robinson Photography

Anna – Kirsty and Grant Photography

Liz - Shot Photography, Shane Andrews.

Michaela - Steve Brown Photography

Milena - Magda Spurek Photography (primary photographer), Kasia Dunn Photography (secondary photographer)