Are you a Triangle? Choosing your wedding dress for your body shape

Hello Inverted triangle. So what makes your shape? Also known as a Cornet (an English icecream much like our New Zealand trumpet), basically you have broad shoulders and then taper straight through to slim legs. You might have a bit of bust and tummy but you are slim down to the hip. Slim Cornet is a classic shape for a model as the clothes hang from the shoulder. It doesn’t matter what size you are - Cornets can come in large or small. But these gowns should give you a head start on what will suit you. Remember that nothing can substitute for trying gowns on.

What to look for:
You want to balance out your shoulders. This can be done by drawing attention to the skirt hem, so you have your inverted triangle from shoulder to waist balanced by another triangle from hem to waist. Wide set straps or a wide halter will cut your broad shouldered look. You can be open to most fabrics, but a chiffon will be too flowing at the bottom to create the look you want. So go for fabrics that have some structure to them. Because you have great legs you can wear a shorter gown (ballerina, tea length, etc).