Are you an apple? Choosing your wedding gown for your body shape.

Apple's - you are deliciously round, often described as cuddly.  Most of your width is at your waist and bust area.  Your hips and legs are slim.  Lucky for you bridal is structured and can really help out and give you a gorgeous shape on your wedding day.  You can hide the stomach area and show off your bust.  It doesn't matter what size you are - apples can come in large or small.  But these gowns should give you a head start on what will suit you.  Remember that nothing can substitute for trying gowns on.

What to look for: 

Great waist construction is essential.  Just get the middle bit right with a lace up corset back and some cleverly draped or pleated construction.  Make sure you get a quality gown with really good boning.  An A-line or full skirted gown will give you the illusion of a waist making a triangle from the ground up.