Are you a column? Choosing your wedding gown for your body shape.

The column, also known as the rectangle shape, you can be a bit straight up and down.  You are tall which can allow you to carry any extra weight a little more easily.  Constructed bridal gowns will do you well.  With the right corsetry and draping a waist can magically appear!  It doesn't matter what size you are - columns can come in large or small.  But these gowns should give you a head start on what will suit you.  Remember that nothing can substitute for trying gowns on.

What to look for: 

The rectangle doesn’t have any outstanding problems as such.  Just not a lot of shape.  This makes you an easy bride to find a suitable gown for.  All quality gowns are constructed to be flattering so they will create a waist for you.  It you are a tall column then make sure you use that to your advantage and chose an elegant gown.