Are you athletic? Choosing your wedding gown for your body shape.

Wiry, super fit body shape.  As you often live in sweatpants the thought of a wedding gown may be freaking you out!  Not to worry we can use fabrics and embellishments to transform you in to a feminine goddess.  Or we can just give you a very simple silhouette that shows off that body you have worked so hard to develop.  The gowns that follow will give you a head start on what will suit you.  Remember that nothing can substitute for trying gowns on.

What to look for: 

The athletic bride is someone who is very fit.  So there won’t be too many areas of your body that we need to hide.  Often it is just a case of softening the body line a little to look feminine.  Choosing a floaty or lace fabric can achieve this very quickly.  You have the opportunity to wear a backless gown, as not many other body shapes can get away with this exposure.