Unity Sand Ceremony

AS TWO BECOME ONE: The Unity Sand ceremony involves the combining of two colours of sand.  The separate sands joins together to represent the joining of the bride and groom.  It would be as impossible to separate the two colours of sand as it would be to separate the couple.  If you are creating a blended family with children then the unity sand is a great way for everyone to participate - each parent and child can have their own colour so you end up with a vase of many colours.

A fantastic advantage of the sand ceremony over trying to do the Unity candles is that it isn't hampered by a breeze.  So is perfect for an outdoor ceremony.

The other fabulous aspect is that the sand provides a long lasting memento of the day in that you can show off your sand ceremony result in your home.  There are a couple of options for preservation of your sand.  You can do a picture frame or a vase that gets sealed for permanent presentation.