Featured Bride - Alice Kang

We were thrilled to help Alice and Paul make their dream day happen on the 26th April 2014

When we were approached by Chris Dillon and The Wedding Associates to help this gorgeous couple out we were so touched by their story and the challenges that they have faced that being  part of their day was an absolute YES.

The story

Paul and I have known each other for 10 years, we've been together for about 8 years.

In 2009 Paul was diagnosed with MS from his private neurologist. We lived our lives as all people do and thought about how we are going to deal with it in the future. However in June 2012 Paul had devastating stroke which gave him language difficulty, inability to use his right side, as well as cognitive problems. But on the bright side we have also found out Paul does not have MS!!!  That was misdiagnosis... It took life threatening stroke to find out that Paul does not have MS and we feel very lucky and thankful about this.

We have been through a lot and this experience brought us, friends, and family closer and our relationship stronger.

I used to think marriage is just a piece of paper and having children is  ‘not my thing’ but going through this it made me realise how much we have had previously and how we take things granted.

Alice's advice

If your wedding does not turn out the perfect way, exactly how you would like it to be, don't be upset. Have fun and enjoy every moment that you have on the day.

All about the gown

Alice chose the Marys 6236 featuring a gorgeous tattoo lace back.

Why did you choose your dress?

Simple, detailed, elegant and classic

What made your Astra Bridal experience special? 

Astra Bridal have a wide selection of choices. The team made a huge effort to make sure I chose the right dress and I found one! The dress was gorgeous and elegant and the alteration adjusted it perfectly for me. Beautiful shoes and other accessories on offer as well.