Featured Bride - Giane's enchanting Brazilian Wedding

Giane and Ben tied the knot on the 26th of April 2014 in Giane's home in Brazil at her neighbourhood church, Paroquia Nossa Senhora Aparecida, where Giane grew up.

The theme that Giane and Ben chose was birds, trees and flowers.

Giane and Ben's story...

A wedding is a pretty special occasion in everyone’s life but for me, living so far away from my family, it was just so important and so magical being able to share the day with my family and friends.  I made sure that I spent the whole day with my family. My mum, sisters, and nieces were with me from 9am in the morning. We went to the beauty salon together and spent about 3 hours getting ready back in the hotel. We had bubbles, lots of photos, laughs, and memories which will be forever treasured in my heart.

Our wedding was pretty different. We planned it here in New Zealand but the event happened in Blumenau, my hometown in Brazil. The guests were friends and family from both Brazil and New Zealand and although close friends and family made the trip over to Brazil, a lot of our kiwi friends and family could not make it.

There was a surprise wedding party prepared for us when we returned to New Zealand! We were fooled to believe we were putting on our wedding clothes again to take photos in a park when in fact some of our friends hired and decorated a place, organized drinks and food, and invited everyone that could not make to Brazil. We were speechless and it was so cool to see all our friends together in our mini New Zealand wedding celebration!

Giane's advice...

  • Having your “to do list” broken down by categories and dates for completion makes things easier and more achievable
  • Think ahead of what is really important to you and think through the details to make sure you won’t get disappointed that you forgot to give crucial information to the team that’s helping you out on the day. 
  • The photos were really important to me so I worked closely with the photographers during months prior to the weeding exchanging ideas and showing them what I liked.
  • Don’t get too caught up on the minor details. Have a theme in mind and stick with it! You will find a lot of beautiful things along your journey that may make you doubt your previous choices but remember why you chose your theme in the first place. At the end of the day it just needs to be meaningful to you and your groom.
  • When organizing a wedding, being organized is crucial but I would say…don’t sweat the small stuff. Include your partner in the decisions and have fun along the way.

All about the dress

Giane chose the Mary's 6170 and in Giane’s words she "loved  all the pearls and sparkling bidding and the lovely added lacy cap sleeves."

Why did you choose your dress? 

It’s just me! I am a very outgoing person and loved all the beads, sparkles and the voluptuous silhouette the dress shows! The lace up on the back was a plus . 

What made your Astra Bridal experience special?

I found my gown at Astra Bridal Takapuna. The team managed by Liz went above and beyond to help me out finding my perfect dress and getting all the perfect accessories so I could have the perfect day.

Liz went with me to a Bridal Fabric Shop to help me find suitable fabric when I decided to add removable cap sleeves to my dress. She also went with me when I had my dress fitted with a seamstress and helped me out finding the right jewellery. I couldn't be happier with the service, experience and the friendship I found with the team.