10 super seating plans - well 12 as there were so many great ideas!

I could not settle on just 10 - in fact it was hard to even limit it to 12. This is definitely a testament to the creative brides that we have. 

Table seating plans are often a point of stress for many of our brides and blending of family and friends, sadly, is sometimes not that easy. But I can assure you that 99% of the time everyone has a great time and our brides concern is unwarranted. While I absolutely love the idea of not have a seating plan sometimes it is better to allocate seating to avoid any unnecessary stress leading up to your wedding - and it gives you another place to express your creativity and have a bit of fun!

Nikki and Elizabeth are great examples of choosing a cohesive graphic design for your wedding. Their seating plans match the invites and are such a lovely, traditional, and elegant way of telling your guests where to sit. Other options include theme based plans such as Nic's tube map, or opt for something a bit creative and a touch of fun such as the tea cups. 

Don't forget that singles table - time to play matchmaker and share the love!