Buyer Beware! Are you sure it is real?

A bride came to us with only a couple of weeks until her wedding.  She had originally had a consultation and fallen in love with a gown.  But pricing was an issue so she found another place she could buy the gown from for a little bit less. With confidence she placed her order and awaited her gown.  Once it arrived the terrible realisation came that the store had obviously ordered the wrong size and not realised that being tall she would require extra length.

She wanted us to step in and save the day, to talk to Maggie Sottero for her about fixing the problems.  We tried our best, but unfortunately the message from Maggie was – the certificate of authenticity is meaningless unless you buy from an authorised retailer.  They won’t work to fix problems with anyone other than an authorised retailer.

So how do you find out who is authorised and who is not?  Easy, check on the Maggie Sottero (or any designers) website.  If the store isn’t listed then it isn’t authorised to retail the brand. If you want to double check then email Maggie Sottero, they are always happy to help clarify for any customer.

They did that earlier in the year for a bride wanting to order from another company in Christchurch offering to supply Maggie Sottero gowns.  She had a tough time getting her money back for a gown that they were never going to be able to supply.  In this situation it was early enough before the wedding that we could order the gown and get one happy bride down the aisle in her gown.

So what happened to our first bride you ask.  

Well she saved $500 by getting her gown through the back door.  But it cost her over $600 in alteration costs and extra fabric to get the gown looking halfway decent.  And she confided in us that she now hated her wedding gown because of all the drama.

Buy from Astra Bridal and you get

1. The Astra Bridal Guarantee of right gown, right size

2. The backing of the designers guarantee

3. Coverage by our special insurance whilst your property is on our premises.