Got a hen party to organise?

1. Think the amazing race - but hen party style.  First to get a strangers business card.  First to get a kiss - and so on.  Be as naughty or nice as your crowd wants to be.

2. Dress up the bride.  Yes a little humiliating but people need to know why you are out on the town.  Most people will also respond positively (also helps in getting those kissed needed for the amazing race!)

3. Get to know the others game- "I have never" - a great game where one person says something that have never done e.g. I have never been engaged.  Anyone at the table who has must take a drink.  If no one has done the thing then the person posing the question must drink.  As you can image the questions get more out of hand the more you drink!

4. Get to know the bride game -  Everyone writes a memory of the bride of an event or moment they shared. The bride reads it out and tells the back story, then everyone else has to guess who the moment was with.

5. High Tea - if you are wanting a more sedate affair and maybe inviting Nana then a high tea is a perfect blend of fun with a sense of occasion.  Lots of venues have private rooms available.

6.  A spa day. Perfect for a small group.  A day of pampering and luxury.  Talk to the spa about what special treatments they offer hen parties.

7. Wine tasting -  Fun and educational your group can learn all about wines and get to sample new wines.  This is a great one if your group don't know each other too well as it is structured and they will relax as the wine flows.  If the budget isn't an issue then take everyone off to the Hawke's Bay for the ultimate experience.

8. Male Revue - It wouldn't be a complete list without the classic revue show.  Magic Mike wouldn't be such a popular movie if people didn't like to see men with their shirts off!

9. Dance class - This can be anything from belly dancing, to Zumba to pole dancing.  Or even a yoga class.  Book a private lesson for the group and get everyone laughing and sweating at the same time.

10. Cooking school - I have done this and it was a lot more fun that I thought it was going to be.  You get a lesson from a professional chef, then you have a little bit of a Masterchef competition as you cook it -  and then you get to eat a fabulous meal.