What body shape am I?

As a very rough guide to getting started on your gown search we talk about body shape.

Not everyone in the industry agrees with this philosophy. 

Randy Fenoli from ‘Say Yes to the Dress’  states that Randy rule #7 is Your body is not defined by a list of shapes. Randy says you should ignore the fruit but nothing replaces trying gowns on and buy the gown that works best for your body.  He then goes on to describe a lot of body aspects that then (to my mind) fall in to the body shape guidelines!  We definitely agree with Randy rule #8 Never purchase a wedding dress without trying on first. But we do think that using a very rough guide gets you thinking about your body and the parts you love and the parts you don’t.

Starting with a tape measure, take the three basic body measurements.  Bust, Waist, Hips. 

These four shapes are defined by the tape measure:

If your hips measure more than 1 inch bigger than your bust then you may be a Pear shape.  If your hips trouble you when you look in the mirror than you are going to want to look at the gowns that flatter that shape, like the aline.

If your waist doesn’t measure smaller than your bust or hips then you are likely to be an Apple.  A little round in the middle.  So some great structure and corsetry can help define a waistline for you.

If your hips are about 1 inch bigger than your bust and your waist is about 4 inches smaller then it is likely you are an Hourglass.  So lots of shapes are easy for you to wear.  If they have structure they are going to show off your great shape.

If all three of your basic body measurements, bust, hips and waist all come up the same then you are what we refer to as a Column.  As you can tell from the name you are fairly straight up and down.  Bridal is so fantastic at using construction to create a bust and also some booty.

The last two shapes are defined by the look in the mirror.  If you have really broad shoulders and slim legs then it is likely you are an Inverted Triangle.  If your shoulders bug you then we would guide you towards a gown with a bit of flare at the bottom to balance those shoulders.

Athletic – what we mean by this is the superfit bride who is quite muscly and defined.  Your gown can give you a chance to show off the work you have put in and also a chance to wear some girly clothing.