Boho inspiration

I could fill an entire website with boho inspiration! This styling trend has been on the rise for the last few years and is not showing any sign of fading away - and I love it!

What is boho? Boho – Boho is short for Bohemian.  A Bohemian Wedding Theme takes elements of a hippie, nomad, and gypsy lifestyle and using artistic flair creates an eclectic mix.  Mix and match items are brought together to create the theme in a relaxed way.  Wedding gowns are a more relaxed fit.  The latest take on this theme is boho luxe – relaxed elements with sparkle!

Flowers, nature elements, combivans, relaxed floaty hair style, blackboards and suitcases... the options to boho style your wedding are endless. When I get images from our boho brides the one feeling that stands out for me is relaxed. This styling trend definitely gives permission for a relaxed and fun take on your wedding! 

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