When should you start looking for your wedding dress?

Congratulations you have just got engaged! Now the fun part begins and wedding dress shopping is all about you! Enjoy it. Here are some common questions that we get asked with some answers that may surprise you.

Q. When should I begin the search for my dress? 

A. Wedding gowns can take between 4 and 6 months to be created.  Plus you want your gown to be ready well before the wedding.  Most of the other people involved with the wedding (florists, cake decorators, etc) will want to know about the gown as that has an influence on the style of those things.

It really is never too early, but I would recommend starting your search anywhere from 18 months to 12 months before the wedding so you get the chance of choosing from the full range.

Q. Who should I bring with me to look at gowns?

A.  This can be a tough one as often brides would like to be reassured their choice is right.  But don’t spoil the wedding gown surprise for everyone!  So many times we have seen brides pulled in different directions as they brought lots of people with lots of opinions.  Bring one or two people, those who you feel have your back and want the best for you.

Q. How long will it take for a gown to be made?

A. Anything from 4 to 6 months.  If you are on a tight timeframe make sure you tell your consultant that when making your appointment.  That way you won’t be shown something you can’t have.

Q. Will I need to make an appointment to try on gowns?  

A. Yes, because of the length of the appointment (just over an hour) it is better if you are allocated a time. Then there is no chance of feeling rushed.

Q. What should I bring with me to my appointment?

A.We provide everything you need including shoes and undergarments.  So just your own underpants!  The consultant is in the fitting room with you so be prepared for them to help you put undergarments and the gowns on you.

Q.  I am planning to lose weight so want to hold off looking at gowns.  When should I come?

A.  Unless you lose over 20 kgs your body shape doesn’t actually change.  The dimensions might but the overall shape doesn’t.  So you can start looking early and then depending on the design you chose your consultant can determine the last possible moment to order. To drop a size you need to lose around 8 kgs, so anything less than this can often just be taken care of with the alterations.  Make sure you tell your consultant about the intention to lose weight.

Q. What should I think about when I am trying gowns on?

A. Lots of questions; does it suit my theme?  Do I feel more confident in it?  Can I visualize myself walking down the aisle in it?  Do I love it and feel a million dollars in it?

Q. How do I know I have found “the one”?

A.  There are many ways to know this; often it is just that instant “this is it”.  Other times it is because you suddenly realize you are comparing everything else you are trying on to that gown – it becomes your benchmark.  Or it can be that you realize it ticks all the boxes, it suits your body shape, your venue, your theme. 

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