A touch of bling to complete your look

Finishing touches are so important when creating your head to toe look. This is such a personal decision and based largely around what you feel comfortable with as much as what suits the style of gown and veil that you decide on.  Many brides also choose to wear heirlooms or jewellery with sentimental meaning. 

Our featured brides all chose different pieces and different options, some not wearing a necklace or earrings at all, but all look absolutely perfect with the style of gown and overall look for their day.

Portia - Brad Boniface Photographic Artist
Elizabeth - Dillon Photography
Nic - Simon Darby
Anna - Kirsty and Grant Photography
Giane - 
Katie - Dillon
Courtney - Williams
Danelle - Tammie Pittwood
Gabby - McCosh Photography
Holly - Bihn Trin
Kate - Paul Tatterson
Megan - Laura Ridley