Open letter to brides

On a daily basis we meet women who are unhappy with something about their body.  From overall size, shape, skin tone, bust size, hip width, arms, the list can go on.

We have brides come in disheartened as they think they will never find a gown as they always feel uncomfortable in clothes and can never find anything to suit.
Accept your body shape.  How we view ourselves is not how the world views us. Those around us don’t sit and take a close up view of our bodies like we do.

My 78-year-old mother in law hates how her shoulders slope down.  Practically it means her bra slips off, aesthetically it means she thinks she can’t wear lots of styles of shirts as they “droop”.  When I go and look at her wedding photos I don’t see this, I see a beautiful young woman on a joyful day.  To be honest her sloping shoulders aren’t even something I notice!  I have already requested her wedding photo to be the thing I get to inherit in the future.  78 years seems like a long time to think about something that isn’t going to change!

When I look at wedding photos I look for the joy and love in the faces of the bride and groom.  My favourite photo is usually the one taken of the bride just before she walks down the aisle – excited anticipation found on her face.  Wedding days are about emotions and celebration, not about feeling your arms are too fat, thin, short, hairy or whatever else!
Take a look at a close friend of yours.  I am sure she complains about particular parts of her body.  I am sure that you don’t even notice those supposed flaws.  You notice if she is happy or sad and how much fun she is to have around.  And if you are truly studying her body then I am sure you would be drawn to her best features and not even notice the supposed problem areas.

I want all our brides to look at themselves as a whole package and love themselves – just like their very excited (coz they’re about to be married) partner does.

We will find a gown that emphasizes the bits you love and takes attention away from the bits you don’t.  But just remember it’s all you and it’s all great.  If we had our way, we would want you to just have the gown of your dreams and not be constrained by body image.
If you are happy with how you look in our gown you will radiate on the day and maybe one day your daughter in law will ask if she can have your wedding photo on her wall.

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