#fridayfavourite wedding dress skirt shapes

Once upon a time dress skirts were ballgown, aline, straight or trumpet.  But somewhere along the way they decided to add the mermaid to the stable and then last season the modified mermaid (or the modified aline).  So a really common question we get asked is how to distinguish between them.  So lets start with the aline. 

This gown planes out from the hip creating an A shape from the waist. 

 Illustration of an aline shape from Maggie Sottero.

Now the mermaid. This skirt is tight all the way down and doesn't start flaring out until above the knee - but it has to be high enough so you can walk!

 Sketch and gown from Maggie Sottero


So the modified mermiad or aline is quite simply a gown that starts flaring out half way between the mermaid and the aline.  So in the middle of your hip it will graduate outwards.  Sexier than the aline skirt but not as unforgiving as the mermaid skirt.

I hope that answers the questions regarding the mermaid vs aline vs modified.

Version 3.jpg