Bohemian Classic Wedding at Old Forest School

Classroom | Astra Bridal | Maggie Sottero | Alisha Taylor Photography
Woodland Wedding | Flower Crown | Astra Bridal | Maggie Sottero | Alisha Taylor Photography

Charlotte and Sam chose the Old Forest School for its woodland rustic appeal and Wow, did it deliver or what?! Charlotte aimed for the flower crowned, woodland goddess look and she definitely achieved it. This beautiful wedding was so evidently filled with joy and these images capture the days' events so beautifully. Alisha Taylor Photography is behind these beautiful photos and did a spectacular job.

“Our venue was very rustic and natural. We were after the Boho yet classic style and I wanted it to feel like we were getting married in the forest, surrounded by nature’s beauty and our venue provided exactly that! As you can see from the photos we wanted the day to be filled with lots of love and laughter. Our celebrant Will Johnston provided us this in bucket loads! Well worth every penny, Will made the day all about us and our story, while relaxing us all with his hilarious spin on things.”

Lace Wedding Gown | Astra Bridal | Maggie Sottero | Alisha Taylor Photography

“I fell in love with the lace, especially the flowers at the bottom! Every part is just so interesting to look at! I knew I wanted to look like a woodland goddess with a flower crown, so this dress fit my vision. I was after the off-the-shoulder look, which this dress wasn’t. But fortunately I am short so I had enough lace from the bottom of the dress to add to the shoulders!”

“My favourite part of the day was definitely getting married to my best friend!!! Being an emotional person, I thought I would bawl my eyes out walking down the aisle and throughout the ceremony but I was just so happy and excited for it to be finally happening!! Although there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when my husband said his very touching vows to my daughter. Also during the speeches our bridal party organised a special surprise. Sam and I are involved with musical theatre which is where we met. We started courting during the show Rent. Our bridal party, along with a few others from the show, stood up the front and sand “Seasons of Love” to us, it was such a special moment.”

Rustic Wedding Dance | Astra Bridal | Maggie Sottero | Alisha Taylor Photography


Theme | Boho 

Setting | Garden

Designer | Maggie Sottero

Gown Style | Sheath