Classic Mills Reef Winery Winter Wedding

The First Look | Astra Bride Sarah

Sarah & Luke

Pure joy in Tauranga

Sarah & Luke married at Mills Reef Winery.  "We loved the ease and cost effectiveness of their Winter Wedding Package plus they have a beautiful venue and are true pros when it comes to organising a wedding.  They removed a lot of the stress for us."

Sarah Stoker and Luke  (181).jpg

Favourite part of the dress

The long sleeves and low back.  I saw a picture on line and loved it.  Once I tried it on I knew it was "the one" and Ilyese was so accommodating and made the process really easy and fun.  - Sarah -

Making our vows | Astra Bride Sarah

Wedding Theme....

"I'm not sure we ever had an official theme but on reflection I think we were aiming for an elegant and classic look that was winter appropriate."


- Sarah -

Wedding Day Fun | Astra Bride Sarah


Our Wedding Day in one word!!

FAVOURITE WEDDING DAY MOMENT: Our sneak peek before the ceremony!  it was a very special moment and enabled us to have lots more time with out guests after the ceremony as we did all our photos early.

Me & My Shadow | Astra Bride Sarah

Advice for Future Brides...

Don't stress over the small details & remember to look forward to the rest of your lives together, not just the big day!


Theme | Classic Wedding
Setting |   Vineyard
Designer | Maggie Sottero
Gown Style | Small A Line