Featured Bride Wendy's Eco friendly wedding

Wendy and Jonathon got married on the 14th March 2015 at an Eco accommodation center in Raglan called Solscape. I love the look that Wendy chose. So rustic and natural with flowers and as Wendy succinctly puts it the look was wild and rambling.

Wendy chose the Maggie Sottero Lark and loved the gorgeous antique style lace. The Lark is one of my personal favourites and Wendy showed why! Simply gorgeous! I asked Wendy what made her experience so special. Wendy said “It was made so much easier by the experienced and lovely staff. They really knew how to fit a dress to your body shape and what worked and what didn't for you.”

And Wendy’s advice for brides to be is great. Wendy is a professional photographer

Enjoy the process of the lead up. Planning a wedding can be stressful at times so enjoy it as you'll only do it once. All the preparation is and will be so worth it. It’s a great time to have an excuse to be in contact with so many of your friends and family. Let them help as it makes it so much more special. I have heard this a lot but your wedding day truly does go by in a flash.

Take some time to just stand there and just look around at everyone so happy and together. Freeze that in your mind. It’s such an amazing moment you'll treasure forever. Lastly - don't skimp on the photographer! (and not because I am a professional photographer) Because it really is all you have left (and your memories... Which become your photographs anyway). Make sure their style reflects what it is you want.

Photography by Oli Sansom