Advice for plus sized brides

Yes I really mean that.  Just forget about it.

After all the years in the industry and seeing thousands of brides I know that just about everyone has a part of their body they don't like.  A size 2 girl might hate her arms, a size 8 her hips.  So no fat shaming please!  It kills us to meet girls too scared to look in the mirror.  Just love the body you have and we will work with you (as we do with every bride) to get the perfect gown for the look you are trying to create on your wedding day.

I could talk here about flattering shapes for curvy girls as many websites do.  But here isn't a formula - there are as many variations in body shape as size 22 as there are size 12.

I can advise you to wear a jacket to cover your arms (but that is the same advice I give a size 2 that feels self conscious about her arms).

What I can advise (again the same as everyone else) go with a great brand that has a great range, doesn't put a "plus size" charge above a size 18 and has gowns that are well constructed.

We often have discussions at work at what we should call our brides above a size 18, are they plus size, curvy brides, larger sizes, full figured.  Again the label doesn't matter, what matters is we have the gowns you can try on and the service ethic to go with it.

We have carried the unforgettable range from Bonny Bridal since we first opened our doors 22 years ago. This gorgeous range starts at a size 18 and goes up to a 32.

And I also love the fact that some of our designers are taking pictures of the gowns in both small sizes and big sizes. Below are Rebecca Ingram gowns photographed on a size 22 model.

I have written a number of articles in the past with advice about gown shopping for plus sized brides.  And those articles still stand as worth reading, but what I truly wish is that plus size girls stop seeing themselves as something different.