Fuller figured brides

A couple of weeks ago we did a survey asking our brides who wear a size 16 and over all about their wedding gown shopping experience.  We got some great information and feedback and are now busy making changes behind the scenes to enhance the experience in our stores for anyone over a size 16.

So I was pretty excited to get an email in my inbox from Maggie Sottero about a new pinterest board they created.  One piece of feedback from our survey was "more pictures of the gowns on bigger girls".

So such a coincidence that Maggie Sottero have committed to taking photos of lots of their gowns on a model that is a size 16 or over.  They have created a pinterest board where you can see many of the gowns on a bigger bride.


We will share more interesting things from the survey over the next few weeks, but I couldn't hold off breaking this bit of great news.