Get inspired with gorgeous stationery

It’s all in the detail. Planning a wedding can be a huge undertaking but let’s be honest – it’s lots of fun! How often do you get to put together something special that is all about you (and your fiancé of course!). The invitations is the first chance your guests get to see the style and theme of wedding. Rustic? Modern? Romantic? Bright and colourful? Simple? Let your creativity shine through. If design is not your thing I would highly recommend getting some help with this. There are some incredibly talented people in the industry and our consultants can point you in the right direction.

More importantly this is your chance to let your guests know all the details for your special day including, obviously, date, location, time but also dress code, travel options and parking, accommodation tips for your guests that are travelling, and it is also a great time to let your guests know your expectations around social media.

Enjoy the inspiration from our Astra featured brides.