Greg Campbell Wedding Photography

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Greg Campbell is a brilliant wedding photographer from our North Auckland region and has been prominently featured on our blog. 

It was Greg's photography of our bride Carol that won her Bride and Grooms's; Bride of the Year award, so needless to say, he has exceptional talent with a lense! 

"Although, the actual 'photography' part of the job is only a fraction of what we love about it - we love the other cool parts like client meetings, helping with tricky wedding questions, editing photos, replying to emails, learning about new camera technology, driving all over the place to weird and wonderful locations - we love it all"

Greg and his wife Cat are both photographers that cover wedding shoots in the regions from Russel right through to Auckland and everywhere in between, as well as a few overseas jaunts from time to time. 

Greg has years of experience behind him which is visible when you browse through his instagram grid as well as the exceptional gallery on his website: 

"It's about capturing authentic natural moments. As wedding photographers we try to walk a fine line between being almost invisible, capturing moments as they happen and not disrupting the occasion, yet at the same time being bold enough to direct when necessary and not miss any crucial shots of the day. We want you to feel relaxed and happy... We're not big on asking people to say 'cheeeeeese', we're more interested in catching genuine emotion and making sure the bridal party and guests are comfortable and having fun."

Check out some of Greg's amazing work on our Astra Brides below: