How do I care for my gown after my wedding?

Mansfield Drycleaners provided us with this fantastic article. Great advice and tips!

Our advice first off is to have the gown cleaned as soon as possible.  That enables stains to be removed before they set and prevent perspiration damage.

Once your gown has been cleaned then there are two storage options.  Hanging or lying flat.

Flat storage can be in an acid free cardboard box and wrapped in acid free tissue paper.  Alternatively, you can get natural cotton fabric and roll your gown up.  Then put the rolled-up gown in a drawer, making sure no one will put anything on top of it.

Hanging your gown needs to be done in a cotton cover and on a cloth covered hanger.  Make sure you hang it from the hanger loops not from the straps themselves, as they will stretch over time.

Storing correctly means keeping it free from light damage, moisture, excessive dryness or excessive heat.

Check your gown after 12 months and get any new stains removed as soon as you can.  Sometimes food stains can take time to develop, especially on a silk fabric.

What should I do if I spill food or drink on my gown on the day?

One key point here is not to stress or let an accident ruin your day.

Whatever you do don’t rub the fabric.  Keep Nana away with her wet handkerchief.

Start by blotting the area with a dry cloth first (clean napkins are perfect for this) and remove as much moisture as possible.  Then wet the spot and blot it again.  This should hopefully lift the liquid or food out.  Rinse the area with more water and then blot it dry.