How to lace up your wedding dress

Thanks Maggie Sottero for this fantastic resource for bridesmaids. 

It is so important to lace up your wedding dress correctly. Why? It helps with the perfect fit as well as ensures you are super comfortable on your wedding day. You do not want to be standing up saying your vows wondering if your dress is going to fall down, or not being able to breathe. Maggie Sottero have designed their gowns with such precision that neither of these issues should occur.

Your bridesmaid, mother, sister or friend will have the task of lacing your gown up for you! Having been in this position twice for my sisters there is a lot of pressure and can be quite daunting. I have watched our incredible stylist on a number of occasions lace up a gown and still I was concerned. Feel free to ask your stylist to show the person who will be lacing your gown how to do. They are here to help. This great resource from Maggie Sottero is perfect for on the day, or if your bridesmaid can't make your fitting. It is short and makes the process super simple!

(Thumbnail image from Josh Neilson for Astra Bride Erin)