Inspired by shades of pink

Pink wedding inspiration | found for you by Astra Bridal and

It's all shades of pink in today's blog! When I started creating this board it was going to be all pastels but pink is frequently used in weddings with varying shades of pink through the entire wedding palette. So I decided to change tact and show you just how pretty a blend of pinks can be! Bold to soft pink and everything in between, including combining a coral shade and all creating an ultimately girlie look for your wedding.

Pink wedding cakes | Pink wedding inspiration | found for you by Astra Bridal and

It is also great to see the different themes used within this colour palette. Rustic down to quirky and intricate and all using shades of pink to create the look.

Wedding favours | Pink wedding inspiration | found for you by Astra Bridal and

I absolutely love the blush weddding dress combined with the bright pink flowers in the top left hand image. The contrasts work perfectly and the bright colours give this wedding a modern vibrant feel whereas the wedding dress is the ultimate in princess girlyness.

Flowergirl and bridesmaid pink wedding styling inspiration | Dress from Astra Bridal |

The oh so pretty bridal party! How cute is this wee flowergirl! This is another great way to add a pink touch to your wedding without making it your main colour theme. Your flowergirl will feel so girly but you can still have another option of colour as your main theme and just a hint of pink. I have seen this done in weddings where black or navy blue are the main themes and the flowergirl and flowers have accents of pink.

Pink doesn't have to scream out barbies and princesses, as you can see, but can be added to any wedding in touches, shades or as the bold stand out in the crowd!

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