Intimate wedding at home

Trish and Brian created a fantastic relaxed wedding at their home in Auckland.  With its gorgeous outlook it provided a perfect backdrop.  And the fact they were renovating their home meant their living room in its shell state made it a perfect dance floor. Trish's four brothers were there to support her and walk the bride and bridesmaids down the aisle.

Trish loved the shape the Christina Rossi 4166 gave her but wanted a strap - simple solution - she got a seamstress to make them and bead them to match the gown.

Trish told us "We were very lucky as all our friends and family were there to help us set up and decorate the day before, my girlfriend from London and my sister spend many hours sorting balloons and other decorations! "

Astra Bride: Trish McGinty

Gowns: Christina Rossi 4166

Location: Home

Theme | Urban
Setting | Home
Designer | Christina Rossi
Gown Style | A-line