Make a Wish List

When you start looking at our website it can get a bit overwhelming as there are over 200 gown options on there.  You can jump from viewing by designer to by style, by neckline and  by price.  There are two options you can use to make keeping all your favourites safe and sound.

The first is to create a wishlist on our website. Firstly you need to sign up for Club Astra - lots of benefits - not just the wishlist!

Then every time you see something you like you go to the green heart just below the thumbnail pictures to the right of the main image.  Add it to your wishlist (you can also view your wishlist from here).

Your consultant can view your wishlist if you let them know what email you registered with and then they can view the gowns that you are loving.  It gives us an indication of what you are liking the look of and we can identify styles for your appointment.

It is also pretty great for helping you clarify what you are looking for in a gown.  You might suddenly find that every gown you save has a v neckline, without you even realising that was what you liked in a neckline.  The other bonus is that you can save any item from our website to this list, shoes, veils, jewellery, flowergirls.  The options are endless.  Below is an example of what your wishlist can begin to look like.


We love to make sure your bridal experience is fun and thorough, so we have created this magic tool for saving all the wedding things you love.  Our gift to you................

The second option is Pinterest.  Create a board called Astra Bridal and then pin all the gowns you love on this board.  Then you can invite us to collaborate on your board, so we can see what you are loving (we can only see this board not your whole pinterest!)  With pinterest you can also pin gowns from our blog as well as our website.