Social Media wedding etiquette

In today's modern world flooded with technology and social media, wedding etiquette is changing! We asked our facebook friends what they thought and there was an overwhelming response. It was a big thumbs up to the selfie but a resounding no to taking photos during those magic moments such as walking down the aisle, the first kiss, or any time during the ceremony. Don't post photos of the couple before they have done so. This is their special day and they set the timeframe for photo posting. 

So how do you let people know what you expect?

  • Set the ground rules in your invite
  • Put a note in your wedding program
  • Ask you celebrant to mention something before your ceremony begins
  • Have a sign up for guests to see when they arrive
  • Put a sign on your wedding tables

Be upfront - these are your friends and family who have come to celebrate because they are part of your lives. Ask them to send you their photos too. Instagram is a great way of doing this! Ask your friends to hash tag their pics.

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