The magic of shapewear

Sometimes what makes us look poised and looking our best on the wedding day can actually be attributed to what is under our gown.  There are a bunch of secrets in our bridal toolkit that can help tweak your gown.


If you aren't a large cup size and are wearing a gown that is quite plunging - this bra could be just what you are looking for. It has adhesives so it can be reused.  This is a bra that you will see (or not see!) being used on the red carpet. The spare adhesives gives you a chance to test them before the big day. Suitable for cups A, B and C only.


This amazing little tool pulls in and pushes up.  The is the real McCoy - not an imitation - it can be reused up to 50 times.  We, as consultants, have tested these ourselves up to a D cup and are really happy that we can recommend them as a great option. Take a look and grab some if you think they will suit your gown.



It's all in the name.  If you have a strapless bra or a torsolette then slipping this silcone enhancer will give you a bit of a lift just where you need it.  They can go underneath your breast or at the side to give you more cleavage.  Nowhere near as big a chicken fillet they just give a little extra help.


These are a real little secret weapon.  When you don't want a panty line but commando isn't your thing.  Then look no further than the No More Panty Line.  You tape it on with tape that gets changed after use.  So you can wash it and reuese it up to 20 times.







If your wedding dress has straps and you want to wear a bra, but the back is too low, then this is the solution for you.  Easily added to any bra in your drawer I am sure this would come in useful on other occasions.  We have them in store if you want to try them with your bra and see if it works for you.