Who to bring to your consultation

Fantastic you are going to start looking for gowns.  And lets face it, this is one of the most fun parts of your wedding planning.  And definately the bit that is all about YOU.  So who you bring with you to the appointment is really important for making it the most successful fun experience.

Choose the people that you think know you the best and also respect your opinion.  We can all have the friend who is great at giving advice and the role she fulfills is telling us all what we are doing wrong. Great if you have a problem - not great if you want to choose a wedding dress!

Brutally honest can also not cut it when looking at gowns.  Respectful and honest tends to make a happier outcome.  Too many times we have witnessed a bride in tears because a friend has just pointed out all her physical flaws.

We did an article a while ago on Entourage Etiquette and the different personality types to avoid bringing.  Good to read for a giggle..........

But lets focus on the positive.  Remember this appointment is all about you.  So bring people who are really happy to focus on you.  Have a chat with them before you come to share what your dreams for your gown are and give them the low down on any of the styling ideas you have had so far.  If you have created an Astra Bridal wishlist then this is a great conversation starter to sit down and share it with them before you come in.

We recommend only bringing two or three people - any more than that and there may be too many opinions flying around and you just geat really confused.  Plus it can be quite hard for us to physically fit a lot of people in our space!

Sarah Hargreaves and her chief advisors helped her say Yes the the dress in our Northshore salon.

Sarah Hargreaves and her chief advisors helped her say Yes the the dress in our Northshore salon.


So lets summarise:

  • Select people close to you who respect you

  • Two or Three People

  • Share your ideas with them before you come - great excuse for wine or coffee

  • Take their ideas on board, but

  • Ultimately it is your decision - Your gown on Your day